Talks and Workshops Based on Jewish Dharma

Discover the ways in which Jewish and Zen practice enrich, illuminate and challenge one another. Different programs address the primal questions that drive our lives, such as loneliness, restlessness, compulsions, misunderstandings, conflict love, family, relationships, and ways of healing sorrow. Explore specific Jewish and Zen teachings and practices in each area and learn how to integrate them into our everyday lives.

The programs  include personal narrative, information, parables, discussion, guidelines and specific exercises to help integrate the material into our everyday lives.

                             Some Topics Include
  • Jewish Dharma: A Guide to The Practice of Judaism and Zen
    Making Peace in The Family: Forgiveness and Reconciliation
  • How To Be Secure In An Insecure World: Finding Strength and Support in Turbulent Times
  • Relationships as Spiritual Practice: A New Look at Love
  • From Anger to Peace of Mind
  • Jewish and Zen Ways of Healing Suffering

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