As a long term Zen student and practicing Jew, who has been unable to let go of either practice, I have struggled for many years with what appear to be the completely different teachings of Zen and Judaism. Finally, I've come to realize that despite all logic, each is essential to the other.

Jewish Dharma is the first guide to the authentic practice of Judaism and Zen and the ways in it can heal your life. Through years of practice, and also as a psychologist, I have seen how Zen and Jewish practice hold the keys to understanding the primal questions that drive our lives and how they enrich, illuminate and challenge each other.

Each chapter deals with different life concerns, such as loneliness, relationships, marriage, family and healing suffering. Specific guidelines and exercises are included.

The book is for Jews looking for a spiritual experience of Judaism, Zen practitioners, who wish to integrate their practice into their everyday lives and for those of all backgrounds who seek true understanding and fulfillment.

A Jewish heart is warm, devoted to family and friends; a Zen eye is fresh, direct and spontaneous. These two practices are like two wings of a bird; both are needed to be able to fly.

  (Winner: Best Book in Spirituality, Spirituaity and Health Magazine)

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