Dr. Brenda Shoshanna, psychologist in practice for over twenty five years is a long term Zen practitioner, and practicing Jew. Her work has been dedicated to bringing East and West together, and providing psychological, spiritual and practical guidance for creating uplifting relationships and developing dialogue, understanding, balance and lasting peace of mind.

The relationship expert on i.village.com, certified Interfaith counselor, mediator and workshop leader, Dr. Shoshanna has offered over 500 talks and workshops on all aspects of creating fulfilling relationships, handling life transitions, illness, loss, and living a life grounded in  joy, meaning and authentic faith.

A regular guest on radio and TV, she is the founder of The Mishkan, (Center for Jewish and Zen Practice), which includes Zen mediation (zazen), both by itself and in conjunction with Jewish holidays,Torah and Zen study.
Dr. Shoshanna is an award winning author of many books.

For More Information Please Visit: ww.drshoshanna.com
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